My name is Mirka, and I am a Toronto-based visual artist, illustrator, and arts educator. I work primarily in drawing media, both digital and analogue. I also dabble in puppetry, printmaking, painting, and theatre, among others. I’m passionate about drawing for and working with children of all ages (including those adults who enjoy being children every now and again!). I’m especially drawn towards imagery of monsters and other creatures in my work. I often use them to personify difficult feelings such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and fear, all while trying to imbue them with a certain amount of levity and playfulness.
As a white settler on Turtle Island, I strive to support and stand in solidarity with the original indigenous caretakers of the lands I call home. I believe that in order to achieve a truly just world, we need to dismantle the systems of white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism that continue to oppress marginalized communities. I seek to support that struggle through my artistic practice, whenever possible.
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